Tax Free & Loving It: The Best Thing About Living in Thailand That Almost No One Knows


There are endless reasons for expats to live in Thailand, whether short-term or long. There are the opportunities for work and play in Bangkok, the serenity of places such as Chiang Mai and Pai or the beauty and relaxation provided by life on the country’s many islands.


Maybe you came to Thailand for a great work opportunity, to start a business or simply to enjoy the good life. But are you investing while you are here? If you aren’t, you should

Did you know that there is an amazing tax advantage for any expat living in Thailand and investing outside of their home country? If you weren’t aware, let Richard Cayne of Meyer International share with you all of the ways that you can maximize your investment earning potential for every year that you live in Thailand.


The key to making more money off of your international investments is this: Thailand doesn’t charge any tax on non-salary monetary gains if made outside of Thailand.


Sure, you have to pay up to 36% income tax on any salary you collect in Thailand but income not brought into the Kingdom in that year, which is derived from investments outside of Thailand is not taxed at all. So, feel free to invest in that hot new resort in Phuket or in some exciting, new offshore holdings – your investment portfolio won’t disappoint you when you see the statements and note that every earned baht goes straight to you.


The way this advantage works is like this: Most expats are not responsible for taxes on money made OUTSIDE their own country for any year that they are not residing there. They don’t have to pay taxes on non-salary income if it is made outside Thailand and not brought into Thailand the same year. So, any money they make on OVERSEAS investments while living in Thailand accrues completely tax-free.


Think about it this way: If a person invests $10 while living in Thailand and, after 10 years, that $10 has become $100, they will have paid no tax on it and the entire $100 belongs to them. The moment they take the money back to their home country however, they start paying taxes for each dollar in gains accrued from that point forward. So: taxes would be due from $101 and each dollar earned thereafter from that $100 they brought back to their country with them.


As long as you remain in Thailand with current tax laws as they stand and manage your overseas investments properly you’ll never have to pay a single baht, yen or pence in tax on it if structured properly. If you stay here permanently, your capital gains will never be taxed.

This provides the opportunity to see your investments grow in Thailand faster than they would almost anywhere else in the world. Imagine how exciting it will be to see your balance grow in leaps and bounds, placing you that much closer to your financial goals.


Are you now asking yourself why you are living in Thailand and not taking advantage of this investing secret for expats? Get in touch with Richard Cayne and his team of experts at Meyer International to find out how you can start investing tax-free today!



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